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Nutritional and Dietary Counseling (Detox, Weight Loss, Etc.)

Nutritional and dietary counseling is a very important part of our practice and in the approach to not only getting well, but staying healthy. In today’s society, most of the foods that are readily available are either processed, genetically modified, chemically enhanced, fast food, meats treated with hormones and antibiotics, homogenized and pasteurized dairy products, foods with sugar alternatives that are supposed to be healthier for you, but actually cause more digestive and neurological problems, tap water contaminated with metals including fluoride, drinking water with a very low Ph, etc.

In our office, we believe that almost every health problem and concern has a nutritional and dietary component. Most people, seeking relief from their symptoms and searching for the “root cause” of their problems, will find they have certain nutritional deficiencies and are dietary imbalanced. It is our job to identify these and support the body nutritionally while under treatment, as well as change their diet and what they eat accordingly, to support the healing process. We don’t like to use the word “diet” much, because it gives the idea that these changes in eating habits are temporary. Although there is a temporary change in diet to accompany treatment at hand, we will be educating and assisting you on what changes should be continued long-term, to live a healthier and happier life.

Detoxification comes in different forms; nutritional/dietary cleanse, lymphatic drainage massage, colon hydrotherapy, chelation therapy (heavy metal detox) and sauna. When seeking our help to get healthy, it may be necessary for some new patients/clients to start with a nutritional/dietary cleanse. Each cleanse is tailor-made to fit your problems as well as your end goals. We do this for two reasons; first, it is important to clean the body out down to the cellular level. This process rids the body of some determining factors that can be causing symptoms, as well as the symptoms themselves. Cleansing the body will help you to lose some weight, mostly toxic weight held by the toxicity that will be removed, make your body more sensitive and ready to handle more treatment, including putting good nutrition back in to help heal the body. The second reason being, it helps you to get into the mindset of taking a proactive approach and doing what it takes to get healthy, as well as changing the way you live, so you can stay healthy.

Weight loss is an important subject and an important part of getting healthy in our office. As much as society plagues us with “unhealthy” foods and substances, we believe with some love, support, education and assistance, there is no reason for anyone to be overweight, especially if they don’t want to be. For most people, there will be an initial weight loss when they start living consciously, being aware of what they are putting into their body and weaning themselves off of certain foods that aren’t healthy for them. Adding activity, exercise and learning to decrease stress in their daily lives will aid in their weight loss as well. Doing a nutritional/dietary cleanse will get rid of some of the toxins that increases weight and finally, being educated and assisted in regards to how you ”should be” eating will help you to continue to lose the weight you want and the weight that is necessary for you to continue living healthier and happier.