404 What is muscle testing? | Dr. Adam Fogelman

Muscle Response Testing

Muscle response testing is a screening technique that identifies problems through neurological responses. This technique utilizes manual muscle testing as an indicator and assessment of the energy status of each organ, gland and system. It could also be used to identify structural imbalances and misalignments. This energy assessment is accomplished by testing one or more reflexes, which are similar to acupuncture meridian points, and monitoring the reactivity of the muscle when in contact with these points.

When our body’s energy system processes a stimulus identified through the muscle test, there are thousands of instant reactions going on in the nervous system on a cellular level. Many of these are observable. Like the questions asked in a lie detector test, our heart rate may increase or decrease, our breathing rate may be altered, our pulse can change, our digestion may be effected, our skin texture will change (sweat/clammy) and muscles may get momentarily weaker or stronger.

When a dysfunction is located, the tested reflex point is utilized to determine what possible course of treatment (nutrition, homeopathy, herbal, lymphatic, detoxification, structural adjustment, etc.) is needed in order to correct the dysfunction and bring the affected organ, gland, system back to the proper level of function.

Disclaimer – Muscle Response Testing is not intended for, or provides medical diagnosis. If a patient should need medical attention or intervention, they should consult their primary physician who can provide this for them.