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Chiropractic is based on the premise that the nervous system controls and coordinates all function in the body. This occurs through the integration and interpretation of information to and from the brain to the body. The brain sends and receives this information via spinal nerves, which make up the spinal cord. This information, these signals, are sent to the respective muscles, tissue and organs that make up the body. Chiropractic aids in the health of the body’s nervous system in a natural and non-evasive way. It is based on the philosophy that the body is a self-healing system.

The spine is made up of 26 bones and is vulnerable to misalignment caused by injury, dietary imbalances, lack of sleep and/or excessive physical, chemical, mental or emotional stressors. Chiropractic focuses on these misalignments, more commonly known as “subluxations.” When there is a subluxation of one or more of the vertebral bones in the spine, there is compression on a nerve that runs from the brain to a specific muscle, tissue or organ. This compression is like “crimping” a hose with running water. This signal information coming from the brain, is mostly blocked and these signals trickle out. Over time, the area or areas affected, begin to break down and dysfunction, ultimately leading to “dis”-ease.
An ancient Greek philosopher named Hippocrates (also known as the father of medicine) once stated, “we are either growing or we’re dying.” With daily, continuous exposure to physical, chemical, mental and emotional stressors in today’s environment, we are constantly bombarding and impacting our nervous and immune systems in a negative way. It is the sole function of the nervous system to detect these stressors, interpret them, adapt the body, and continue either to grow and thrive or slowly decay and just survive.

In our office, we offer many forms of Chiropractic adjustments, using classic adjusting techniques as well as low impact and non-force techniques. For further information or questions, please feel free to contact our office at 858-523-8281 or doc@drfogelman.com.