404 Biomeridian Computer Assessment System (MSAS) | Dr. Adam Fogelman

Biomeridian Computer Assessment (MSAS)

meridian stress assessment systemThe Biomeridian computer assessment (more technically known as the MSAS = meridian stress assessment system) is a closed circuit, non-invasive system (no scratch testing or injections) that is used to conduct comprehensive evaluations of a person’s energetic health and balance to gain valuable information about the body’s vital functions. The MSAS is the only computer screening system that is FDA approved.

According to research done by the European medical society, acupuncture points correlate to every organ and organ system in the body. As a patient moves towards or further away from health, any organ or system can be detected along the corresponding meridians.

The screening process involves measuring electrical conductivity at the acupuncture meridian points on the skin (mainly at the hands and feet where the points are most sensitive due to the fact that they are the furthest from the body). This electrical conductivity is indicated by the detection of excessive heat in the body due to the stress on the organ and/or organ system.

Hand and Foot Meridian Points

When an organ system is stressed and not functioning at optimal levels, the acupuncture points begin to block up and radiate heat. If the Biomeridian (MSAS) detects excessive heat at three or more acupuncture points, it is indicative of that organ or system being stressed. This gives us a better opportunity to decide where to focus our attention and figure out whether diagnostic testing is needed to support the information received.

This computer screening test is very comprehensive in its approach. In our office, the initial testing takes about an hour with any future follow-up testing taking about a half hour. Our computer screening test is set up into categories that include: organs, organ systems, chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, yeast/fungus/mold, parasites, hormones, minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, digestive enzymes, amino acids, food sensitivities, teeth and structural misalignments. Depending on your symptoms and health needs/goals, some or all of these categories can be tested.

When the exam is completed, you will be given a print out with all the information tested and another appointment will be set up to go over the results and talk about the next course of action in regards to possible treatment.

Disclaimer – This Biomeridian computer assessment (MSAS) is not intended for, nor provides medical diagnosis. If a patient should need medical attention or intervention, they should consult their primary physician who can provide this for them.