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About Dr. Fogelman

Dr. Fogelman – Chiropractic Kinesiologist

Dr. Adam Fogelman is a very passionate individual, who also is an ever-evolving work in progress. He is an East Coast native, born and raised in New York, whose values mimic the coast he was raised on.

Dr. Fogelman’s journey of personal growth is constant! He realized that the most important things in life aren’t things at all.  His life’s passion is to be health conscious, live simplistically,  laugh often, love unconditionally, learn, surrender, grow and travel as much as possible. His life’s work is to help as many people as he can, even if one person at a time. He is adamant about making a positive contribution to the Human race while he is here.

Through his trials and tribulations as an undergraduate pre medical student at Arizona State University, Dr. Fogelman developed an interest for the healing arts and natural medicine. He began to realize that there was more to helping someone live a healthy lifestyle than just treating them with western medicine or surgery. Although both are important therapies and belong in the health care field, they should not be the first line of defense when helping someone to become healthier.

This ultimately led Dr. Fogelman to leaving the impending medical path he began on, searching for an approach that would give him freedom to express the compassion others lacked and allow him to treat the body and the patient as a whole. He felt that could be done by identifying the root cause, not just the symptoms present.

Through his research and studies, Dr. Fogelman adopted a paradigm called the “Triad of Health.” This “triad” is denoted by an equilateral triangle listing the three basic causes of health problems. They are structural, chemical and mental; the structure being the foundation, the base of the triad. All health problems, whether on a functional or pathological level, are involved with one or all parts of this triad. A doctor, who is aware of this functional balance between all three sides, can evaluate and treat every patient from each angle and increase their ability to find the basic underlying cause of a patient’s health problem.

Dr. Fogelman has completed extensive post-graduate training and has studied a variety of disciplines in holistic health care. He is certified in Applied Kinesiology and chose it as his specialty because it was the most effective in treating the whole person and the whole body.

He also specializes in the following techniques along with Chiropractic and Applied Kinesiology (AK):

  •             Cranial Sacral Therapy
  •             Total Body Modification (TBM)
  •             Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)
  •             Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  •             Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET)
  •             Biomeridian Computer Assessment (MSAS)
  •             Muscle Response Testing
  •             Nutritional & Dietary Counseling (Weight Loss & Detoxification)
  •             Lifestyle Education & Counseling
  •             Endocrinology (Hormone & Glandular Balancing)
  •             Acupuncture Meridian Therapy (Acupressure & Vibrational medicine)
  •             Muscle Energy and Activation Techniques (MET and MAT)
  •             Lymphatic Drainage Technique
  •             Trigger Point Therapy
  •             Active Release Technique (ART)
  •             TMJ and Whiplash Techniques

In  early 2001, Dr. Adam Fogelman’s creative vision for a private practice was founded. Over the last decade,  ALCHEMY healing studio has become a humanitarian-based, lifestyle and healing studio designed to be a catalyst for health conscious living and devoted to service and self-realization. His passion, “mission,” and vision for the healing studio  is to bring health to those in need, give to those less fortunate and cultivate “healthy” change in the minds of every man, woman and child within the global community.

In mid 2002, Dr. Fogelman had the honor and privilege to join an elite group of doctors who shared his vision on getting to the root cause of a patient’s problems. He started a second practice inside a world-renowned, multi-disciplinary clinic known as the Center for Advanced Medicine. For the past eleven years, Dr. Fogelman has continued his studies in the above, aforementioned areas, as well as learning new treatments: detoxification of pathologies, toxins, allergens and micro-organisms at a cellular level, and the restoration of a person’s health through nutritional biochemistry, etc.

The focus of Dr. Fogelman’s current work consistently challenges the ordinary. His latest studies involve the Human behavioral aspect of an individual and how it relates to their present health, their lifestyle and the decisions they make. Along with his studies, he co-hosts a Health Talk radio show on Saturday mornings, guest lectures, volunteers his time and services whenever possible,  and was recently interviewed for a 13-episode cable television show called, “Natural Medicine Saved My Life.”

Dr. Adam Fogelman is a Chiropractor, Kinesiologist, Nutritionist, Allergist and Lifestyle Counselor that focuses on the structural, nutritional and emotional makeup of a person. He is a contemporary healing artist with a philanthropic nature, who approaches wellness through mind-body health, functional fitness, intuitive nutrition, anthropological diet and mindful living practices. His goal is to deliver to his patients, the perfect blend of education and assistance in bringing you back to a state of optimum health.

“Your health is a reflection of how you choose to live!” ~Dr. Adam Fogelman